Brilliant night. The acts were amazing and my cheek muscles hurt !

Gregory Clayton-Cann

Absolutely fantastic work , a real milestone and everything ran like clockwork. You and Kerry should be very very proud of yourselves and what you have achieved

Barry John

It was smashing, me the husband and parents were laughing all night long ? fantastic night well done to everyone ?

Jennifer Pelgrave

What a fantastic night it was! Thanks for making comedy more accessible Ian. Great job!

Kate Robb

It was amazing! Hard not to cheer when all the acts were epic!! Bought tickets for the next show, already looking forward to it ?

Sorcha Garavan

We loved tonight’s show, there were great acts. I’m still laughing now; remembering some of their jokes. The surprise act Dawn almost made me pee myself from laughter. ? ??
We’re already excited for the next one. Thanks again Ian Whitcombe Comedy
We loved it!

Sarah Hayes

Fantastic night. The comedy was endless. The venue was brilliant. Can’t wait for the next one. Simply brilliant !!!!!

Bryan Stanton

It was way better than I was expecting. A great night. Thanks.

Lee Watson