Roland Gent - Embarrassing Dad

Roland Gent – Embarrassing Dad

Embarrassing Dad has already played at Holly Bush Festival, Rhyl, Festival and Didsbury Festival Manchester, going to Brighton Fringe.

Runner up prize as best hour long show at Holly Bush Birmingham.

“They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.”

Yes that well known poem by Josef Fritzel Philip Larkin, is the basis for my show

Interestingly enough Philp Larkin’s own dad was actually a British Nazi, who took his own son to the Nurenberg Rallies, it must have made “First day back at school” a bit interesting when the teacher said “ and what did we all do for the summer holidays?

It’s one hour of stand up, that reflects back on every mum and dad, a series of dilemmas on being a parent.

How do you be a good parent? and what would you do to get our kids into the best school? And what class are you middle class? Lower middle class? Upper Class?

Would you change religion?

Would you move house?

Or just send them to Bash Street Comprehensive?

Or sell out and join the Elite.? 60 % of the cabinet went to private school, look at Boris Johnson a man who became the Prime Minister only got where he is cos he went to Eton. David Cameron Fucked a dead pig and got to be Prime Minister. I shag one sheep.. And I get a criminal record where’s the justice?

What’s the best name to give your kid? What’s the worst name?

Can you be a cool Dad? Or are you doomed to be an embarrassment to your kids?

Should you try to pass your tastes on to your kids?

Is there simply no way out?

Maybe its best not to grow up and keep drinking cider at the bus stop.

What if your daughter had a tremendous talent? What if she just had the chance to do something amazing, should you be a pushy showbiz parent? This is the true story behind Embarrassing Dad

We tried to send our daughter to a school so posh that…. None of the kids had kids

We tried to send our daughter to a school so posh that…. Instead of sawdust to soak up the puke, the janitor used quinoa

We tried to send our daughter to a school so posh that…. The teachers had butlers to abuse the kids

We tried to send our daughter to a school so posh that…. the teachers read out the register instead of signing one!

We tried to send our daughter to a school so posh that…. Kids took snuff behind the bike sheds.

 The show includes advice from the world’s number one best selling book on parenting….that Roland got given to by his dad, it’s now very embarrassing, because it was written by someone who turned out to be rather infamous..with hilarious

This show is part of the Nottingham Comedy Festival.


Nov 08 2023


19:30 - 20:30








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